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The Muslim Sisters of Greater Lansing are a diverse group and come from various social, cultural and economic backgrounds. The diversity is evident from the fact that the sisters come from many different countries around the world, including Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, China, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Japan, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Malaysia, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Palestine, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria, Tanzania, Turkey, the United States, Zanzibar, Zimbabwe, and many others. We are a dynamic group and love to share our rich traditions! Potlucks are especially fun, with a dazzling array of ethnic cuisines from all over the world.  Welcome to our community!

Contact Information
Women's Committee President Iffat Sumbal
Secretary Huma Jeddy
Treasurer Rania Aburashed
Social and Welfare Coordinators Rabia Khattak and Ziena Saeed
English Dawah Coordinator Sidra & Saima Mushtaq
Arabic Dawah Coordinator Kifaya Assaf
Social Welfare Janine Sinno
Youth Coordinator Raghda Khatib
Contact the Sisters' coordinators and add yourself to the email list:

The vision for the Muslimahs of Greater Lansing is to come together to share our Islamic knowledge and cultural traditions with each other to reinforce our faith in Islam. Together we can cross bridges and eliminate stereotypes as well as teach each other what we know.

Schedule of Events for the Sisters

Weekly Friday Halaqa

Halaqa (Study Circle)
At the Islamic Center
Timing is notified via email weekly.

Social Events

The Sisters Committee organizes Social events for the sisters such as Welcome parties, Sisters' Eid parties and other social events. Add your email to our Sisters' email list to receive periodic updates about Sisters' events by emailing


Sisters Resource Worksheet

All sisters in Greater Lansing are urged to fill in this form and submit it to the Sisters Committee. You may also email it to

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