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Refugee Support Programs

Ansar of Lansing: Click here to register to be a volunteer to serve Refugees in Greater Lansing

Refugee Support Programs
  1. Weekly Friday Support Circle: Every Friday 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm

  2. Spend part of your day with a refugee family
    The Islamic Center will pair you with a refugee family and provide an interpreter if there is a language barrier. You plan the activities, pick and drop the family. Please enlist as an Ansar to participate in these initiatives.

  3. Dine with a refugee family
    This program is jointly sponsored by the Islamic Center and Sultans Restaurant that provides you a $50 gift certificate to cover the cost of the refugee meal. The intent should NOT be only one-time dining but to use the opportunity to build a long term relationship with the refugee family. Please see Imam Sohail to obtain the gift certificate. Please enlist as an Ansar to participate in this initiative.

  4. Donate your car to a refugee family

  5. Donate online to IC 'Refugee Support Fund'
    Send it to -
    Submit as "Gift" to exempt from fees.
    Include a memo note designating your donation towards Refugee Suppport

  6. See our website for weekly announcement for any social events for refugee support

Questions? Contact Zubair Ahmad or Farah Khalil by emailing

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