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In the name of Allah, The Most Beneficent and The Most Merciful
The Islamic Society of Greater Lansing
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Islamic Marriage: Steps

1) To have a wedding ceremony performed Islamically, obtain a Marriage License from the Ingham County Clerk's Office located at 313 W. Kalamazoo St., Lansing, MI (517) 483-6424

2) Set up an appointment to have a Nikkah ceremony performed at Islamic Center
A Civil Marriage License identified above (#1) is a pre-requiste for the Nikkah ceremony appointment (#2) to be honored
Counselling for Family/Behavior issues, Divorce

Our mission includes supporting familes in distress or those facing challenges with children behavior, misunderstandings, marital problems.
Send us an email with your contact information if you need mediation or counselling services to help with your situation.
Divorce is not encouraged, but where ireconcilable differences do not allow families to remain united, the Islamic Center can assist families as the case may be.
Death, Janaza Prayer, Burial: What to do

1) Contact the Islamic Center in person and additionally via email, with name of the deceased
2) Islamic Center will contact the funeral home (families may suggest as well), and arrange to wash the deceased
3) A janaza prayer will be conducted at the Funeral Home or the Masjid as the situation may dictate
4) Islamic Center will arrange for burying the deceased at the Evergreen Cemetery on Mt. Hope Rd. The Islamic Center does not charge for it's services. Funeral Homes charge anywhere from $4000 to $6000 and payment arragments need to be made with them directly.

The Islamic Society of Greater Lansing is a non-profit association that represents the Muslims in the Greater Lansing area. The association practices and conducts religious, social, cultural, and educational activities at the Islamic Center of East Lansing, located at 920 S. Harrison Road, East Lansing, Michigan. One of the goals of the Society is to promote unity among Muslims and deepen their feeling of brotherhood.

Towards that goal, the Islamic Center holds congregational prayers, teaching circles, educational programs, and social activities. The Islamic Center provides Muslims and non-Muslims with advice and information about Islam. The Islamic Society of Greater Lansing is open to all and does not make any distinction based on denomination or sects.

The Islamic Center conducts its practices based on the Quran and the sayings and traditions of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon Him, as recorded by his companions, all of whom we respect.

We welcome everyone, no questions asked, and if anyone has felt otherwise for any reason, we will be more than glad to talk to you and make you feel welcome again. Read more about us and our services

Disclaimer: Views expressed in this site are those of individuals and not necessarily the express opinion of the Islamic Soc. of Gr Lansing.   
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