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Islamic Resources

Understanding Islam

Illustrated Guide to Understanding Islam
Islam Basics and FAQs
Islamic Research Foundation
Islam Q & A
Discover Islam
Islam World
Science & Quran
Jesus will return
Science in Islam
Prophetic Timeline
USC Center for Muslim-Jewish engagement
Compendium of Muslim texts
Deen-e-Islam (Urdu)
Beautiful Islam
Islam Guide
The Prophet Muhammad
Way to Allah

Quran & Sunnah

Holy Quran (Yusuf Ali translation)
Noble Quran
Quran (Turkish language)
Holy Quran (translations)
Hadith (translations)
Quran Online

Islamic Organizations & other Resources

Islamic Soceity of North America
Islamic Bookstore
Council on American Islamic Relations
Islamic Circle of North America
The Islamic Schools League of America
Arab Academy (Learn Arabic Online)
Muslim Matrimonials
Islamic Finder (Prayer times, azaan software)
Dar-us-Salam Publications
Islam Today
Al-Huda Institute - Canada
Muslims Internet Directory
1000 years of Science & Technology - Muslim heritage
International Museum of Muslim culture
Al-Safa Halal

Muslim Media

Islam TV (Watch Live)
Aljazeera English
GuideUS TV
Astrolabe - Islamic Media
Islamic News Group
Peace TV
Bridges TV

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