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Islamic Center Expansion Project
The Need
The Islamic Center was established in 1979. It is the only Masjid serving the Muslim community of Greater Lansing. Over the years our community has grown and so did our needs. The Islamic Center has been working on a plan to build a new building to accommodate the full-time school since 1996.

The Initiation
During the period of July to October 1997, the whole community was involved in discussing the proposed construction plan. This discussion confirmed the community’s desire to build the school next to the Islamic Center.

In November ’97, Freeman, Smith & Associates, Inc. was hired as a consulting company. This is a well-reputed company in Lansing, Michigan and the main architect, Robert W. Smith, was in charge of building the Islamic Center in the late seventies. Mr. Smith started with a feasibility study to examine various options for locating the school building.

The Plan
After several sessions of discussion with the Board of Trustees he came up with a beautiful plan for the school building that connects it to the Islamic Center as an expansion of the Center. It consists of a three-story wing that includes all classrooms and other school functions. In the lower level, there are four classrooms, a kindergarten room, and a children’s room for preschool. The first floor has four classrooms, two offices, rest rooms, and a kitchen. The second floor contains four classrooms, a library, a computer room, a science laboratory, an office, and two teachers’ lounges.

The three-story wing is connected to the existing Islamic Center by the school gymnasium, which can be divided for separate use by males and females. The gymnasium is designed as a multipurpose hall that can be used for big parties by the Center or members of the community.

The plan also includes the addition of a women’s prayer hall and Dar Al-Quran hall (for Quranic memorization and studies) connected to the Islamic Center. Finally, the plan includes changes in parking and landscaping.

The Islamic Center Expansion Project and the Full Time Islamic School in the making

Phase I
Construction pictures starting from the foundation
The view from inside after completion of Phase I

Phase II
Phase II construction begins New: July 2003
Level 2 New: July 2003

The Cost
The total cost of the project is estimated to be $4,000,000. It will be implemented in phases.

The launching of this ambitious project is contingent on community support. We have to raise a lot of money, and we rely on the Greater Lansing community to do its share. To contribute to the Islamic Center Expansion project, give or mail your donation to the Finance Secretary.

Don't miss this opportunity to support the spread of Islam in this part of the world. Donate to the school building as much as you can. It is 'Sadakha Jarriah'(continuous reward) that will weigh heavily on your scale Insha'a Allah.

To donate by check, make your check payable to the Islamic Society of Greater Lansing and mail it to :
The Islamic Society of Greater Lansing
Attention : Expansion Project
920, South Harrison,
East Lansing, MI 48823

If you have a question please email

What will the project provide when it is completed
This project will insha Allah provide:
  • Space for the Islamic School that has been running for 5 years in mobile home rooms. The school building will insha Allah serve the full time Islamic school, afternoon school and weekend schools.
  • Darul-qura’an section: to teach the Qura’an and the Sunnah to youth and adults in the mid Michigan Muslim community.
  • Expand the existing prayer area since the space is not enough during congregational prayers on Fridays.
  • Library and meeting rooms.
  • Counseling and community service rooms.
  • Fitness Center to attract the youth and the members to the Islamic Center.
  • Multipurpose areas that will insha Allah serve the community for their social activities and special events as well as gymnasium for students and the youth in general.
It is our plan insha Allah, to finish the building and establish an endowment fund of about 5 million dollars. This fund will provide a yearly income of about $200,000 dollars for creating a successful Islamic education and da’wa programs. It will also provide a regular maintenance of the whole property, so that the facility will remain useful for generations to come insha Allah.

A report on the Expansion Project Fund-Raising Iftaar/Dinner held on Nov 15
On November 15th, the Expansion Project Fund-Raising Iftaar and Dinner was held. This was an event of Baraka and was open to the community. We were graced by eminent speaker, Dr. Abdallah Idris Ali, Director - Center for Islamic Education in N America and former President of ISNA. We all gathered to feel the blessings of this community effort in this blessed month of Ramadan. The project is long overdue in its fulfillment. However, we all are grateful and thankful to Allah subhanahuwata'ala that we have almost reached the completion of the Phase II of our goals.

Over 350 members of our community attended this fund raising event. Alhamdulilah, the total amount collected in cash and pledges is over $160,000. The blessedness of the event was evident form the enthusiasm displayed by the brothers and sisters who opened up their hearts in the act of giving so generously.

The donations varied in amount from $25,000 by a single donor to a $1.50 in change donated by a 8 year old boy. A group of students from Palestine and Jordan mustered $550 collectively from the bottom of their means. There were others who came up with a small bundle of $20 bills and some others who emptied their wallets to donate all they were carrying on that night.

It was very moving to see the newly arrived refugees in our community donate to the best of their abilities. For some of them, it probably meant draining up any form of savings that they may have had. Equally moving was the case of a sister parting with her jewelry she was wearing on that evening. May Allah bless the efforts of our blessed community!
The donations were received in the following sum categories –
Amount-Number of Donors
We are thankful to the Islamic Community of Flint for gifting $19000 towards our expansion project.

Alhamdulilah, this was the first Community gathering in the newly built Gymnasium Hall of the IC. Upon completion, Insha Allah, the hall will have, basketball and Volley ball courts, banquet hall for Marriages, Valimas, Aqeeqa’s and private gatherings and also serve as an expanded prayer room for special occasions such as Eid.

More about the Project
The phase II will be completed in November 03 and provides most of the facilities on the 1st floor (6 classrooms, school office, multipurpose room (gymnasium/community hall), hallways, and kitchen without equipment) and part of the mechanical system for the basement and 2nd floor. It will add about 23,000 sq feet to the original building of 11,000 sq feet and provide the following facilities:
1. Full-time and Sunday schools
2. Gymnasium for students, youth, and adults
3. Two community halls for dinners, parties, etc.
4. Expansion of the existing prayer area
5. Darul-Qura’an section for teaching Qura’an
6. Women prayer hall (Masjid)
7. Library, computer lab, meeting rooms, etc.
8. Youth activities & fitness center

The Costs and how much we owe
$2,055,000 was incurred in costs for the first phase of the project and (as of October 31, 2003) $575,000 has been spent on the second phase. The total cost of the second phase is estimated to be around $800,000.

Loans we owe – We owe the following amounts
$500,000 Loan from NAIT (North America Islamic Trust) since the first phase

$380,000 Loans from members of the community for the second phase

Our goal is to collect $600,000 at the earliest to pay off part of these loans and other pending bills to bring a closure to the Phase II of the project and then, Insha Allah, proceed to the Phase III of the project.

If for any reason you were unable to attend the Fund raising dinner, you still have the opportunity to make a pledge or donation before the end of Ramadan.

Make an online donation to the Islamic Society of Greater Lansing


Disclaimer: Views expressed in this site are those of individuals and not necessarily the express opinion of the Islamic Soc. of Gr Lansing.
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