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Executive Committee (2010-2011)

Archive of Minutes


Executive Committee (2008-2009) Minutes:
Date: August 6, 2009

August 6, 2009

1. The Masjid will conduct Moon sighting on Thursday, August 20. If could not sight the Moon, then the Masjid will follow ISNA’s decision.

2. The Eid will be held at the Lansing Center.

3. Masjid will provide baby sitting only on Friday and Saturday. Sister Jamilah will be doing the baby sitting. Br. Sani will speak to her about the price and availability about other days.

4. Single dinner. Suggesting that Abu bakr, Charles and Richard, will help in arranging and organizing. Somebody already sponsored the Dates, cups, plates. Br. Jamal will buy the Milk. Single dinner cost will be $50 for the whole month; otherwise it will be $2 per day.

5. Community dinner will be on Friday.

6. Tahajud (night prayer) will start at 4:15am. Fajer prayer will be 20 minutes after Athan. Isha and Traweeh prayers, just follow regular calendar. Br. Sani will speak to br. Basam about the possibility to provide Suhoor. If not, then br. Sani will speak to Sahara about that.

7. Using Masjid for dinner will be $50. Using gym and Masjid $150 and using kitchen too will be $200.

8. Br Sani will post out on the bulletin to solicit donations for youth, burial, family in need,…

9. Masjid will provide Eid toys for kids. Eid dinner depends if we find a sponsor.

10. Imam expenses will be paid from the donations. Br. Sani will give some cash to the Imam to buy some food or necessary stuff. Br. Salman will stay with the Imam during the weekends.

11. Will not allow people from other community to hold fund raising at the center.

12. Short talks will be only on Friday and Saturday, other times, could arrange with Da’wah.

13. Next meeting will talk about Funeral process.


Executive Committee (2008-2009) Minutes:
Date: May 7th, 2009

Present: Abubacker, Farhan, Ghazi, Jamal, Mursal, Najm, Sani, Zubair

1. Brick project - The Board wants to stop the fundraising at the end of May since we are approaching Ramadan soon.

2. Summer Picnic will be on the First Saturday of June, July and August.

3. Muslim Family Service’s pre-marriage and marriage counseling workshop will be held on this May 30th at the Center.

4. Hiring a full-time Imam – a suggestion was offered to form a search committee that include a variety of people; some from the local, young, old and people from abroad etc.

5. Landscaping – we will plant trees instead of fence. Br. Anis is going to sponsor for that. We can pave the sidewalk to remove the small stones.

6. Gym - Br. Abdelmajid Katranji is still studying some options for completing the Gym; we didn’t hear anything from him yet.

7. Summer Youth program – Br. Ahmad Mousa and his friends wants to organize some programs for the youths this summer. And they will attend our next meeting to present their proposals on that.

8. Marriage counseling / conflict resolution committee - We need to form a marriage counseling / conflict resolution committee to assist families to resolve any conflicts among them. We can seek some help from the local professionals here in the city. This committee will sit with those experts to learn some professional counseling skills.

9. Funeral lot - One brother is willing to donate for the funeral lot. Br. Sani mentioned that he would follow up with the City of Lansing to see if there’s anymore lot in the Evergreen cemetery.


Executive Committee (2008-2009) Minutes:
Date: Jan 15th 2009

Present: Br. Abubacker, Br. Farhan, Br. Ghazi, Br. Ihab, Br. Khalid, Br. Mursal, Br. Najm, Br. Sani, Br. Zubair

1. Br. Sani mentioned that the Board had requested EC to allocate $3500 to conduct the Appreciation Dinner program.

2. Sh. Ali Solieman from Muslim Family Service, Detroit requested to conduct a one-day marriage workshop at our masjid on Saturday either on Feb 21st or Feb 28th. This is open to all in our community but mainly for single brothers and sisters who want to get married.

3. Sunday school + EC + Board joint meeting on Sunday Jan 25th after Dhuhr prayer, to brainstorm what model and direction we are heading towards.

4. Payments to custodians – we need to keep all the payments and bills in the accounting system.

5. Expansion project – Collecting bricks from individuals with their name on it that’s to be placed it on the wall as a way of making everyone inclusive of the project. One could donate the amount for one big brick or 10 bricks on behalf of his family.

6. CAIR – Michigan requested us to allow them to give a Khutbah at our masjid on Feb 23rd to talk about their work and their upcoming annual fundraising event.

7. Introduction to Islam class to New Muslims and Non Muslims on every Tuesday from 7:45 to 8:30pm for six weeks from Jan 27th 2009. There would be a short break after 6 weeks and then would continue the same for the next batch for six weeks and this cycle would continue. It’s Free.

8. Introduction to Arabic - 6 weeks class, it costs around $50-55 per person. It’s starting on Feb 2nd, twice a week Monday and Wednesday, open to all, men and women, Muslims and non-Muslims.

9. The full-time Islamic School is preparing the parent-teacher questionnaire and they are planning to introduce Student’s Questionnaire from the 5th grade onwards.

10. An Iraqi boy (11 yrs old) is coming to join the Full-time Islamic School in the 5th grade.

07/09/08 Executive Committee (2008-2009) Minutes:
Thursday, July 9th 2008 @ 10:00 pm

Place: Islamic Center Main Office
Present: Br. Abubacker, Br. Farhan, Br. Ghazi, Br. Khalid, Br. Najm, Br. Sani, Br. Zubair

Next EC meeting is at 8:30 pm till Maghrib.

Fundraising Ideas:
• Br. Farhan knows someone who is good at fundraising in his hometown. He mentioned that he would invite him our fundraising in Ramadan.

1. Prayer schedule is set.
2. Imam – we have approached two people, one from Egypt and one from South Africa. We expect the person to be back in US from South Africa sometime in mid August. The Muslims House is ready to occupy.
3. Qiyam – 4:30 am. Suhoor – Br. Bassam is not going to cook this year. Br. Najm would check with Br. Adnan whether he is willing to take up that responsibility and we could pay him for that.
4. Moon sighting – Local moon sighting will be conducted and we would go with the decision of the local moon sighting if we see the moon, otherwise we will go with the major decisions made in North America.
5. Khateras – It will be only on Friday & Sunday nights for about 10 minute, for other nights no Khatera will be given but we will give 5 mins break.
6. Community Dinner on Four Fridays- Found sponsors for Friday. It costs $5000 per dinner. This cost covers the expenses of utilities, paper products, milk, juice supplies and Eid toys.
7. Zakah - $7 / $8 per person – Zaakat committee will decide that amount.
8. Babysitting – Sr. Jameela Amatullah is taking care of, we have agreed on the price for whole Ramadan.
9. Four Fundraising – we don’t allow any outsiders to do the fundraising dinner. One of them is for the Fulltime School, and the other board will decide.
10. Eid gathering @ 9am and the prayer starts @ 9:30am, venue is Lansing Community Center. We need to check the venue. We will ask Br. Maher to talk together
11. Parking – we need to approach the Church to let them now.
12. We can invite them for Ramadan Dinner.
13. .Sept 7th – Sunday school starts (first Sunday of Ramadan).
The registration forms will be available for next week onwards. $50 late fees to give incentive to people who want to register early.

1. Building projects: we will invite bids.
2. Introduction to Islam: Br. Najm made a pamphlet “Introduction to Islam” for our masjid to hand out to visitors.
05/15/08 Executive Committee (2008-2009) Minutes:
Thursday, May 15th 2008 @ 9:20 pm

Place: Islamic Center Main Office
Present: Br. Abubacker, Br. Farhan, Br. Ghazi, Br. Khalid, Br. Mursal, Br. Najm, Br. Sani, Sr. Sue, Br. Zubair

Full-time School:
1. They have 111 students pre-registered for the next year.
2. School Auction is scheduled on May 16th.
3. Quran competition went well.
4. The school is going to Michigan Adventure soon.
5. They are willing to use the 2nd floor next year if it is done.

1. The Board is in favor of completing the 2nd floor since we have need for the full-time school and Sunday school, but at the same time we have the obligation to pay our debts.
2. We are going to have some funds allocated separately as savings for the expansion.
3. We owe around $500 to Trane that we need to pay off and this is not part of the yearly budget.

Property Maintenance:
1. Security Camera – we are going to add four cameras to a computer dedicated for this. We need to hire professionals to install the cameras and this service might cost around $1000.
2. Sealing cracks in the parking lot is planned for this summer.

Women’s Activity:
1. Separate bank account for women’s activities - this account will be opened under the Islamic Center name and all the money generated by the women’s committee will be deposited there. One of the sisters from the committee can keep track of how much they have and they need to give it to Br. Khalid and whenever they need money for their activities they can get cash or check from him.
2. The sisters are switching their Taekwondo class from Monday to Wednesday – 7pm.

1. No updates on Ramadan Imam at this time.
2. We had a request from the Ionia prison for us to go there for Dawah.

1. Monthly Community Dinner - Saturday June 14th.
2. Br. Mohammed Nor is going to retire soon; he has been serving the center from day one. Br. Sani and some board members are going to have a meeting with him tomorrow.

Board & EC Joint Committee Meeting Minutes:

Thursday, April 23rd 2008 @ 8:50 pm

Place: Islamic Center Conference Room
EC Members: Br. Abubacker, Br. Ghazi, Br. Hesham, Br. Khalid, Br. Mursal, Br. Najm, Br. Sani, Sr. Sue, Br. Zubair
Board Members: Br. Asadullah, Br. Bassam, Br. Hasan Khalil, Br. Mahmoud Mousa, Br. Yusuf Abdullah

The purpose of this meeting is to have a clear understanding of what we are doing, and where we are heading.

Expansion of 2nd floor and Basement:
1. There is no definite direction at this point, but the Board explored some options briefly about the expansion of the building. Most of the Board members are convinced that there is a need for space.
2. In the next fundraising, a good portion of the collections will be spent towards the expansion of the 2nd floor. But we need to revisit the architectural plan of the 2nd floor since it was designed 10 years ago.
3. We still have debts and there are two houses collateral to that debt. In the next meeting the board will see how to proceed with that. The debate is whether to pay the debt first or do something towards the expansion which is very much needed as well. It is not fair that we hold the houses of two brothers, and we need to release that soon.
4. The debt is around $302K; the Br. Asad mentioned that NAIT said they are not going to release those 2 houses until we clear our debt.
5. If we are going to finish the 2nd floor, we also need to consider finishing the first floor and the Gym and let the community aware of what we think about the expansion and our plans.

1. By-laws for most of the committee have been completed except for the membership and few others.

2. Fiqh Council:
3. This committee will take care of conducting marriages, distribution of zakah, burials etc.
4. Sh. Omer and the Board were not able to come up with members for this committee. Sh. Omer is going to select at least 5 brothers and give them practical lessons on what to do in marriage, burial and zakah etc but they are not going to touch any issues regarding haram / halal.
5. In terms of Fiqh questions, we need to get some guidance from the Fiqh Council of America, ICNA, and ISNA; currently Sh. Omer only can handle any Fiqh questions in our community.
6. The Board needs to identify a group of scholars in US and let the community know that they can approach them in case they need ask any Fiqh related questions, if Sh. Omer is not available.

Hiring Full-time Custodian:
1. We need someone to welcome the visitors at the Islamic Center. Two people from EC and Board will explore the option of hiring an Imam / Custodian.

The Board & EC agreed to have this joint meeting every three months from now onwards.

Executive Committee (2008-2009) Minutes

Thursday, March 3rd 2008 @ 8:15 pm

Place: Islamic Center Main Office Room
Present: Br. Abubacker, Br. Farhan Bhatti, Br. Hisham Orabi, Br. Rasheed Ahamd (on behalf of Br. Najm), Br. Sani, Sr. Sue, Br. Zubair
Absent: Br. Abdulkader Hassan, Br. Ghazi, Br. Khalid Abdullah, MSA representative, Br. Mursal

We agreed to meet right after Magrib from the next meeting onwards due to the time change.
School Committee:
  • The school changed the Friday activities to a different date and so they will have 7 periods on Friday.
  • The school formed a curriculum committee to check Math and Science curriculums.
  • A suggestion was given to take care of Arabic curriculums for 3rd and 4th grades. There are lots of conceptual and grammatical errors in it.

  • Social Committee:
  • The Board approved $3000 per year for Social Committee activities.
  • First community dinner this year is on March 21st. $15 for family and $5 for singles.
  • Coffee Hours for Muslims on every Friday right after the Halaqa – an informal discussion about Islam and Muslims. We could all move to the multi purpose hall for refreshments right after the Halaqa presenter finished his talk and we can have an informal question & answers, comments and continuation of the discussion related to the topic discussed in the Halaqa.
  • CAIR workshop on March 15th – CAIR is looking for at least 60 people to conduct this event otherwise they cannot run this event and they ask participants to pre-register for this event We should record this event and post it online.

  • Dawah Committee:
  • The Dawah Committee is working on getting some basic books for new Muslims, especially books on how to perform salah etc. They need some money to buy those materials.
  • The Dawah committee is planning to conduct a series of Friday Halaqa on certain topics from next week onwards, the first one is about The History of Islamic Law, will be presented by Br. Bassam and that will continue for few weeks.
  • Dawah Youth Group – the Dawah committee is trying to organize programs for the little kids on how to make Wudu, teach etiquettes and manners in the masjid etc. They have not defined the age group yet.
  • The Dawah committee has around 10 members and they are working on “Introduction to Islam” package, the very basic one.

  • Others:
  • The Women’s committee wanted to know whether the EC and BoT are willing to change the title of the Daisy Ln house to conduct their community service projects / activities. Br. Sani mentioned that it will be very difficult to do that, since the house belongs to the community and the property of the Masjid, so we cannot change the title to any committee or individual person. He mentioned that he would find out from a lawyer on what the legal consequences are and how they can proceed.
  • Keeping the school doors locked after the Sunday school is over, it’s an issue and needs to be take care of.
  • Cleaning the bathroom was not happening for a while in the past, so Br. Sani just hired Br. Yousef to do the cleaning. The full time school could also hire him to do the cleaning there.
  • April 5th is the Fundraising Dinner. Sh. Abdalla Idris Ali is the guest speaker. Br. Sani mentioned that the Board needs to allocate at least $20K from the fundraising towards the operational cost of the masjid.

  • 12/27/07

    Executive Committee (2006-2008) Minutes:

    Date: Thursday, December 27, 2007
    Time: 7:30 PM
    Place: Office Room, Islamic Center
    Present: Br. Abubacker, Br. Ghazi, Br. Imran, Br. Minhas, Br. Sani, Br. Zubair, Br. Khalid, Br. Farhan Bhatti, and Br. Farhan Abdul Azeez

    Eid Programs and Arrangements Feedback:
    Discussed the following items:
    1. Refreshments
    2. Length of Eid Khutba
    3. Toy distribution
    4. Udhiya managed by Islamic Center and issues related to it
    5. Etiquettes of khutba (Eid and Friday both)
    a. Noise from the women side during prayers and khutba
    b. People leaving right after Eid prayers without hearing the khutba
    6. Facility for next Eid prayer(Lansing Center or IM West)
    7. Security and Emergency Response

    Eid Dinner:
    Discussed the following items:
    1. Dinner Timing after Isha prayers
    2. Women Party
    3. Food (taken care of by Br. Bassam)
    4. Soft Drinks (taken care of by Br. Imran)

    90 days and 1 year plan:
    Discussed the following items:
    1. PR Committee presented the draft
    2. Suggestion was made that Br. Ahmed Saleh should be invited for Friday khutba
    3. Suggestion was made that names and contacts of all(non muslims) who visit ICL should be part of a database for future references.
    4. All committees should also provide their budgets and plans if they haven’t done so.

    Muslim House for Women's committee use:
    Br. Ghazi will review Women's committee proposal for the use of Muslim house and comeback with all rules and restrictions that are needed for the proper maintenance of the property while in use.

    Youth Program:
    Youth program was discussed in detail.
    Gymnasium is available for youth to play. There is further plan of putting some more equipment in there for youth.

    11/29/07 Executive Committee (2006-2007) Joint Committee Meeting Minutes
    Thursday, Nov 29th 2007 @ 7:30 pm

    Place: Islamic Center Conference Room
    Present: Br. Abdulkader Hassan, Br. Abubacker, Br. Farhan Aziz, Br. Farhan Bhatti, Br. Ghazi, Br. Imran, Br. Khalid Abdullah, Br. Maher, Br. Muhammad Mahjoub, Br. Mursal, Br. Najm, Br. Sani, Sr. Sue, Br. Zubair
    Absent: Br. Hisham Orabi, MSA representative

    This is the first joint committee meeting aimed at giving orientation to the new members of EC and to review the rules and responsibilities of each committee.

    Operational Committees 90 days & 1 year plan:
    • Br. Sani gave orientation to the new committee members and the roles of each committee in the constitution were reviewed.
    • Each committee needs to select 3 members (4 at max) for its sub committee and bring names to the EC in the next meeting for EC approval.
    • Each committee needs to come up with a 90 days and 1 year plan.

    Eid Arrangements:
    • We have reserved MSU IM West Hall for the Eid on Dec 20th and we have ordered the toys and it’s coming next week.
    • Eid gathering @ 9am and prayer starts @ 9:30am.
    • We are trying to make an Udihiya arrangement through Sr. Lul through some people in Detroit, but not from the same person that we ordered last year because of their bad service. Br. Farhan Bhatti also agreed to find out some meat venders in that area for Udhiya.
    • We could ask Br. Omar (Sudanese brother) to check with a farm in Kalamazoo that Br. Najm has its phone number. We could also check with Br. Abdulkader of Al-Haramain Store of the same.
    • We could order Coffee and Donuts for refreshments. Br. Mahjoub will find out the ingredients of Crispy Cream donuts.

    • Sr. Sue briefed the school report. They are planning to do evaluation of teachers, and credential plan.
    • The Board needs to clarify some of the roles & responsibilities that overlap between PR and Dawah committees and they supposed to complete the By-law by the end of this year.
    • The Dawah committee will work with the PR committee in matters related to speaker invitation from the Churches and Schools. They would also work with the Youth Committee in regards to youth khateras once a week.

    Minutes from the last meeting (07/12/07):

    Executive Committee (2006-2008) Minutes
    Thursday, July 12 2007 @ 9:50 pm
    Place: Islamic Center Main Office
    Present: Br. Abubacker, Br. Faridul Islam, Br. Ghazi, Br. Maher, Sr. Maweza (MSA), Br. Muhammad Mahjoub, Br. Mursal, Br. Najm, Br. Sani, Br. Zakariyya, Br. Zubair

    • The Board did not meet yesterday, so there is no update from them. They may meet next Wednesday.
    • We need to outline some dates for Membership Drive to include new people in EC & Board, informing the public through Khatira and Khutba.
    • We need to identify people who are capable of serving in the EC & Board and we could convince them to join the committee once we identify them. In the next meeting each one of us should bring some names of few potential brothers and sisters.
    • Monthly Dinner - many people are tired of the dinner without any programs. Br. Sani mentioned that we would arrange some programs like quizzes with fun for brothers and sister at the picnic next week.
    • SME will charge $6000 for the Design and Construction Supervision for roof leak & New Building entrance.
    • We are expecting more bids from the contractors for fixing roof leak and we already got 2 bids one for 30k and another for 40k.
    • The next EC meeting on July 26h is all about Ramadan, we are going to discuss only about Ramadan in this meeting. There is no information about Ramadan Imam as of now, hopefully before the next meeting we will have some information.
    • Everyone at the EC approved Br. Zakariyya to be the interim Youth Coordinator.
    • Br. Zakariyya mentioned that it would be good idea to install the basketball hoops on the wall and it costs around $1500 per hoop. The EC agreed to his request to allot 2 or 3 Fridays to raise some funds for the youth activities.
    • MSA Diversity Dinner 2008 is on Satruday March 22nd.
    • MSA sent an email to their email list for Masjid Office Aid. The same information was posted on our website and sent to the masjid email list as well and we are expecting some reply soon.
    • Br. Mahjoub met with the reporter from WKAR radio station at the masjid on July 3rd. The reporter was very friendly and he asked us to contact them if we have any events to cover.
    • Br. Farid mentioned that he is going to have one more meeting with the doctors in our community on July 19th after Magrib to see the possibilities of arranging health clinic.
    • We need to empty the donation box every Friday after Maghrib prayer and count them with the help of 2 or 3 brothers.
    • Br. Sani asked Br. Maher to prepare a financial report chart especially of "Pay The Debt" before Ramadan, and people wants to know the progress on that.

    Minutes from the last meeting (06/28/07):

    Executive Committee (2006-2008) Minutes
    Thursday, June 28 2007 @ 9:45 pm
    Place: Islamic Center Main Office
    Present: Br. Abubacker, Br. Ghazi, Br. Maher, Sr. Maweza (MSA), Br. Muhammad Mahjoub, Br. Mursal, Br. Najm, Br. Sani, Sr. Sue, Br. Zubair
    • Sr. Sue will not come to the next meetings since there is no school committee meeting during Summer.
    • Kitchen in the masjid is getting very hot when cooking food since there is no ventilation and couple of big refrigerators running all the time. We'll look into that matter to do something.
    • Sr. Sue mentioned that Sr. Huma was offered a part time job at the school (10 to 1pm) and she suggested that we could use her hours at the masjid as an office aid.
    • Br. Mahjoub mentioned that he is going to talk to a reporter from WKAR Radio station about Islam on July 3rd 1:15 ~ 2pm. He would like to know more about Islam since many people have misconception and he wants to talk to someone to see in real hand.
    • Some Afghani people wants to learn English - a church called the mosque for help in that regard.
    • We need to conduct some open house in the near future since it has been a while and it is good time to conduct after Ramadan and before our term expires in November this year.
    • We need to look for Women's Coordinator since S.r Cheryl would be moving soon.
    • Welcome party for the new Students in 1st or 2nd week of September.
    • Community Dinner - July 21st, Aug 18th, Sept 8th. If the weather is going to be bad in any of those days, we could organize the dinner at the masjid on the same day instead of changing the dates.
    • Br. Ghazi & Br. Zubair prepared a well studied & structured report with the help of SME construction company about roof leak, front entrance, and the overall structural deficiency. SME was hired to look into the defects of the building. Br. Ghazi is going to present it to the Board tomorrow (June 29) in their meeting after maghrib.
    • It costs 100K to do the first priority work like roof leak and structural defects in the new building. This report is mainly for the new building and did not cover the masjid roof.
    • We need to hire a Contractor and the Construction Inspector to do this work and to inspect during the construction. These 2 people must be hired and go hand on hand.
    • The Board is taking care of getting a rental license for the Muslim House. Br. Ghazi is going to discuss with them in the meeting tomorrow.
    • The GLASS have picnic on Sunday July 1st at the Lake Lansing Park.
    • MSA talked to the Lansing Mayor's office to do some Ramadan programs. Their intention is to bring some awareness about Ramadan among the general public.
    • Br. Maher paid $147 check to MSA for the items that masjid purchased at the MSU Surplus store.
    • We could ask Br. Zakariyya to be the Youth Coordinator for the rest of the term since Br. Abdullahi already left the community.
    • We asked MSA to find some office help (2 people, one in the morning and evening) and they agreed to send an email to their email list in that regard.

    Minutes from the last meeting (06/14/07):

    Executive Committee (2006-2008) Minutes
    Thursday, June 14 2007 @ 9:45 pm
    Place: Islamic Center Main Office
    Present: Br. Abdullahi, Br. Abubacker, Br. Ghazi, Br. Imran, Br. Muhammad Mahjoub, Br. Najm, Br. Sani, Sr. Sue, Br. Zubair
    • We decided to have the Picnic on 3rd Saturday of every month in Summer.
    • Br. Zubair is willing to talk to someone who knows landscaping to take care of putting flowers in the small island area in our parking lot.
    • We need to cut the grass every month in Summer, there are about 3~4 feet of grass behind the Masjid.
    • The Youth Committee bought some play equipments like indoor soccer, volley ball, ping-pong table for the Youth. They are planning to buy basket ball hoop to fix it permanently on the wall.
    • The Youth Committee is organizing Salahaddin Camp this July 20th to 22nd and they are gathering about 40-50 youths. They are planning to raise some money for the youth activities from professionals like doctors, engineers and so on from our community. Next Friday they can set up a table to collect some funds for the youth activities.
    • Br. Abdullahi & Br. Ghassan are leaving the community soon and we need to give them some remembrance plaque.
    • We are going to dedicate one full meeting just to discuss about the Ramadan activities well before its start.
    • Sunday School End of the year program - Some students are preparing a 5 minutes talk. Br. Ghazi would check the sound system at the Gym . If there is a problem with it, we could conduct the program at the Multi purpose hall in the Masjid and the refreshments/food can be served in the hallway in the new building.
    • Board is trying to get a rental license from the City for the Daisy Lane house. Br. Ghazi mentioned that one brother is really interested to live in that house.
    • Health Fair is coming up soon - this is proposed by the Board member Sr. Janine.
    • We need to hire someone as Office Help to sit in the office from 11am to 2 pm in the Summer and 10am to 1pm in the Winter to attend phone calls, assist any inquiries and so on. Br. Najm agreed to take care of writing the job description of the office secretary. We could contact MSA to hire 2 individuals for that and pay $7/$8 an hour.
    • Dawah Committee is planning to conduct a monthly meeting (probably on Monday) which to open to all people at the Masjid to get feedback from the community.
    • The next finance committee needs some training.

    Minutes from the last meeting (05/31/07):

    Executive Committee (2006-2008) Minutes
    Thursday, May 31 2007 @ 9:45 pm
    Place: Islamic Center Main Office
    Present: Br. Abdullahi, Br. Abubacker, Br. Ghazi, Br. Maher, Br. Mursal, Br. Najm, Br. Sani, Sr. Sue, Sunday School Principal

    Sunday School:

    • Sunday School Committee proposed a plan and organizational structure for the Sunday School.
    • They are going to order the books before the class starts next semester.
    • They have 135 students and registration for the next year already started.
    • Few brothers from the Executive Committee would look into the draft proposed by the Sunday School Committee and they would share their views about the draft with the EC. Then the EC would either approve it or recommend some changes to the draft based on that report.
    • The Sunday School needs to open for the registration this year before the school ending. They need to ask the current year students to turn in the completed registration form for the next year before the school closes, so that the committee can plan for the next year accordingly.

    Full-time School:

    • They have pre enrollment of 95 students this year that causes some remodeling in the class rooms. But any structural modification in the building has to go through the Board and Property Management Committee.
    • They do not have 7th grade since there are only 2 students this year and that cause slight adjustment in some teacher's schedule.

    New Bulding:

    • Br. Zubair is going to meet with SME (construction company) next week to check the entrance door and roof leak.
    • Gym Rentals:
  • 1. Events without the Sound System - $150 for 4 hours.
  • 2. Events with the Sound System - $200 for 4 hours.
  • 3. Security Deposit - $200. This will be returned provided the Gym is returned clean without any damages, otherwise the security deposit will be forfeited.
  • 4. Renter is responsible for setting up tables & chairs and dismantling them after its use.
  • 5. Renter is responsible for cleaning up everything in the Gym once the event is over.

  • Youth Committee:

    • Br. Abdullahi & Br. Sami is going to sit next week to arrange for a youth camp this Summer.