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General Assembly Archive
General Assembly Reports - April 04 - Current
General Assembly Reports - December 03
General Assembly Reports - December 02

Executive committee 2003/04
President Asadullah Khan
Vice-President Sani Abbas
General Secretary Abu Bakr Siddique
Finance Secretary Maher Mahmoud
Da’awa Coordinator Bassam Mahmoud
Social Coordinator Abdul Aziz Othman
Information Coordinator Charles Morgan - Resigned
Education Coordinator Zubair Ahmad
Sisters committee 2003/04
President Sawsan M.
Secretary Susan T.
Treasurer Cheryl L.
Education Coordinator Aafiya C.
Social & Welfare Coordinators Salamatu A. and Hanan W.
English Dawah Coordinator Kim S.
Arabic Dawah Coordinator Nadia H.
Sisters Committee Organization Chart

Islamic Society of Greater Lansing - General Assembly December 05 2003
Attendance: approximately Brothers ~25 and Sisters ~10
Excerpts from the assembly:

Sh. Omer Soubani started the general assembly meeting by inviting the brothers and sisters. He asked them to give suggestion, comments, compliments and complaints if any, to work better and efficiently in the coming years. The following activities/discussion were held during the meeting.
  • Executive Committee Annual Report – By Br. Asad Khan
  • Full Time Islamic School Report – By Br. Hasan Khalil
  • Expansion Project Report – By Br. Kabeer Sahib
  • Proposal to amend the Constitution – By Sh. Omer Soubani
  • Election for Chairman and Treasurer for Full time Islamic School – By Sh. Omer Soubani
Executive Committee(EC) Report:
Br. Asad gave a summary of all the committee (Education, Social, Finance and Dawah except the Information) reports.
  • Sunday school is expecting to use the new building next week.
  • Searching for the position of Principal for Sunday school is still open.
  • Social Committee conducted youth camp, 3 community picnics during summer, and 2 Eids last year.
  • Social Committee will concentrate on more youth activities in the coming months.
  • Ramadan budget was estimated at $22000, but was managed to collect $23000.
  • Dawah committee conducted Friday Quthba, Friday Circle, daily Kathira during the whole ramadhan, and Qiyamul Lail during the last 10 days of ramadhan.
  • Dawah committee is planning to invite youth oriented speaker for Friday Khuthba and Friday Circle to attract the youths. This was discussed couple of time in the executive committee meeting.
  • Please refer to EC report for detail.
Expansion Project(EP) Report:
    We started the project(Phase-II) in May 2003 with a deficit of $150,000.
  • Br. Hebat (Chief Engineer - Phase-II) encouraged that we can finish this project by $600,000 whereas the General Contractors quoted more than a million.
  • Phase-II was modified to include completing School Wing, Multi purpose Hall, and Kitchen
  • Things that were actually not included in the Phase-II are Multi purpose Flooring, Kitechen equipments, Lobby Entrance, gym Equipments, Sound System, School & Lobby Furnitures.
  • Total money spent as on today is $680,825.22.
  • We still need to pay the Phase-II bills around $91,538.53.
  • The total cost for the estimated work and the work finished so far is $772,363.75.
  • We have got $383K as a loan from some brothers.
  • Land contract for Machanical work is $60K, ($180K for the whole), the board has released $31K for that so far.
  • The Multipurpose hall was originally not included in the plan, but Br. Badiee had put lot of efforts to complete it.
  • Inspite of lack of money, we had taken much burden in doing some base work at downstairs, upstairs that would considerably reduce the cost and work involved in the third phase.
  • Br. Badiee mentioned that, we cannot use the Kitchen until we setup air-conditioning unit and ventilation system.
  • Please refer to EP report for detail.
Proposal to Amend Consitution:
  • There is a need to amend the constitution since it was created focusing mainly on the student community 25 years ago.
  • This amendment was already discussed by the current and previous executive committee in couple of meetings.
  • Sisters want them to be included in certain decision making process.
  • Endowment council??
  • Why there is a change in the executive committee duration term?
Election for Chairman and Treasurer:
  • Br. Mahdi was elected unopposed as a new Chairman for the FTIS.
  • Br. Najm Salman won the election as a new Treasurer for the FTIS.
Suggestions offered by the attendees to the Board and Executive Committee:
  • Board & Executive Committee: Why did we choose this date for the general assembly meeting, since many of our people including students and staffs are attending graduation ceremony at MSU at this time and part of our community is a student community here. So we need to consider them for this kind of public meetings and events in the future.
  • Board: We need to look for a lawyer and ask his advice on how effectively make amendments to the constitution.
  • Board: We need to finalize it soon and should be done by a special committee.
  • Board: We should have a term limit for Executive Committee.
  • Board: We should have a time limit in proceeding with this task.
  • Board: We will hold open meeting where anyone can offer suggestion and comments.
  • Board: We need to consider the MSU students in the constitution amendment process.
  • Board: We should also review the constitution based on Quran and Sunnah.
  • Board: We can use the expertise of each committee to get most out of it.
  • Board: Each individual groups should give suggestion to improve our constitution or any issues in our community.
  • Executive Committee: We should encourage MSA to conduct some of their activities at the masjid and perhaps they can attend some of EC meeting. Br. Asad talked to Br. Salman(MSA) regarding MSA participation in the EC meetings.
  • Executive Committe: Adult supervision must be provided to the kids in the new building when they use Gymnacium.
  • Executive Committe: Need to bring any property damage issue to the community by posting it in the newsletter or announcing it after the prayers/Friday circle. The main thing is that the community should be aware of any such incidents immediately.
  • Executive Committe: There should be a liason between the Sisters Committee and Executive Committee, if they want, some of their members can attend the EC meetings.
  • Finance: Add one more column for pre-planned amount apart from the income and expense column, so that it will be easy to find out how much was acutally spent/received during the financial year.
  • Finance: Hall renting for 2 Eid may not be needed anymore since we are using the new building.
  • Fulltime School: We can use Zakat-Al-Maal for the school activities.
  • Social/Information/Dawah: MSA Ann Arbor Students organized the whole Ramadan activities there. We should also encourage our youths to do the similar and/or this kind of various activities here.

Asadullah Khan (Treasurer)
Bassam Mahmoud
Emma Buycks
Hassan Khalil (Chair)
Kashaka Kikelomo (Principal)
Mohammad Mahdi
Sadiq Mohamed (moved out of town in August)
and Sani Abbas.
School Staff:
Principal: Kashaka Kikelomo
Secretary: Lul Hassan (also Quranic teacher)
Hafsa Ali (Quran PK/K & 1st/2nd Arabic and Islamic Studies, 3rd-8th Arabic)
Aafiya Contractor (PK/K Homeroom, 5th/6th English)
Karen Elsadek (1st/2nd Homeroom, 5th-8th Math)
Raghda Khateeb (Quran, 3th-8th Arabic, 3rd/4th & 7th/8th Islamic Studies)
Abdul Kadir Omar (Quran, 5th/6th Islamic Studies)
Meghan VanWoert (3rd/4th Homeroom, 5th-8th Science)
Amanda Wilkie (5th-8th Social Studies, 7th/8th English).
Homeroom teachers for grades PK to 4th grade cover English, Math, Science and Social Studies.
Part-time Custodian: Michael Miller
Academics: The school has 69 students divided into five classrooms: PK/K, 1st/2nd, 3rd/4th, 5th/6th, and 7th/8th.
GradePKK1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th
Number 4 9 9 11 6 4 13 4 5 4
The school adopts the East Lansing curriculum for English, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Certified teachers in all grades teach these subjects. Moreover, the curriculum includes Quranic memorization, Islamic Studies, and Arabic. The school day starts with a morning assembly at 8:15 and ends at 3:45. The students took the MEAP and Stanford tests, but results were not available at the time of preparing this report.

Community Effort: The community continues its generous support of the school through financial donations and volunteer work. This year the school secured the help of many volunteers in all aspects of the school operation (Quranic memorization, classroom help, Parents/Teachers Organization, Backpack Program, Friday activities, tutors). The list of volunteers who have been consistent and reliable include sisters Amanda, Amina, Anna, Awi, Gina, Halima, Jamillah, Miranda, Monica, Nuha, Raheema, Rania, Shereen, and Somer, and brothers Amin, Mahmoud, Shaad, and Tariq.

New Initiatives This Year: Student Council and Parents/Teacher Organization

Building: It was expected that the school would start in the new building in the beginning of September. Unfortunately, classes were still held in temporary locations in the Islamic Center till Friday, December 5, but alhamdullilah the school will move to the new building on Monday, December 8. We appreciate the patience of the teachers, students, and parents in accommodating the temporary classroom arrangement.

Finances: The tuition is $2000 per student. Scholarships to income-qualifying families could bring the tuition down to $1100. The cost per student is about $4000. Thus, tuition covers only half the cost, while the community, through various forms of donations, subsidizes the other half. At the end of the fiscal year 2002-2003 we had a deficit of $14,741. This deficit is included as an expenses item in the 2003-2004 budget. To balance the budget for 2003-2004, we need to raise about $100,000. The bulk of this money is to be raised in the annual fundraising dinner in April. May Allah help us reach this goal.

School Budget: 2003-2004
Income Expenses
Food project
Scholarship donation



Health insurance
Workers compensation
Books & supplies
Telephone & Copy Machine
Office supplies
Professional development
Deficit from last year

Social Committee Report - 2003 by : Abdul Aziz Othman
The Social Committee Goals was to fulfill every activity that needs the Muslim community in the greater Lansing area. These activities are those we did in the summer time, carried three picnics during summer time. The first one were carried out at Frances Park, the attendance was very good the food was great brought from Al Sultan restaurant as usually did before, special thanks to the brothers who helped us at the time in selling the tickets. The second one is held at Moores Park same us the first one everything was ok. The third one is held at Wonch Park in Okemos and it the closing one many brothers attended and Maasha-Allah the food was Fabulous. Special thanks to brother Bassaam Who really make easy for the community what ever they are in need and I will say Jazaahu-Allah Khayran katheeran.

We did also for the youth camps gathering at Pontiac Michigan and it great success.

Other activity was the one we did at the RAMADAN month weekly dinner special thanks to br.Bassam, Daily Aftaar for the singles thanks to br. Jamal and to some families who always provided the success to this program.

Daily Sahour during the last ten days of TAHAJUD special thanks to br. Bassam.

There was also arrangement dinner for those who are fasting on special days who recommended by our PROPHET Sallallahu aleyhi WA Sallam.

The last activity that we did was the one of IID El Fitra; this year was held at the Islamic Center because of the more spaces that we get from the new Building. Toys were distributed to the kids who greatly enjoyed the event, special thanks to br. Tahsin who really managed very well.

So far everything is perfect and now we are preparing for the IID- AL-Adha and we will do some arrangements to facilitate the UDHIYA for those who interested.

The social life is the key element for our community, encouraging our youth to gather most of there free time at the Masjid is very important.

In conclusion I say thanks to all the members of the executive committee for the great job they did during this year and especially for the month of Ramadan and during the IID time Jazaakum-Allah Khayran and may Allah reward you all at the Day of Judgment.

Education Committee Report - 2003 by : Zubair Ahmad
1. Sunday School

Principal: Br. Tawfeeq and Br. Aftab assist Br. Zubair to manage Sunday School. The search for the principal is still open. Br. Zubair, education coordinator contacted a few persons to volunteer for the post. Only one brother agreed but discontinued after a few weeks. We will pursue Br. Tawfeeq to agree to assume the responsibility. On women side, Sr. Nadia is co-ordinating all matters relating to teacher and course assignments.

Staff: There is a growing interest of volunteer teachers in Sunday School. This year we have ten new male and female teachers.

Enrolment: We needed more teachers because of increased enrolment and diversity of age groups. This year we have more class sections both for male and female sides, particularly for elementary and junior levels. The estimated enrolment is about 90 children.

Fee Collected: $6,950.00 deposited with Br. Maher.

Books: With the Grace of Allah SWT we have provided each and every student the recommended books at no additional cost. We asked the class teachers to select books in accordance with the curriculum they deemed appropriate for their class prior to ordering. The to date expense on books is about $2200.

2. New Features

Substitute Teachers: We are requesting regular (volunteer) teachers to designate substitute teachers so that they can replace them in their absence without notifying the principal. This has simplified the process by reducing the sunday morning surprise element. We have compile a directory of regular teachers and creating a panel of substitute teachers with e-mails addresses to facilitate communication between teachers and adjustment of their schedules.

3. Coordinator Aides

Br. Tawfeeq, Br. Aftab and Sr. Nadia

The Islamic Society of Greater Lansing Financial Report


Financial Report  (July 1, 2003- November 30, 2003)




Actual             (July 1, 2003-Nov. 30, 2003)

To end of year estimate(June 30,2004)




Actual             (July 1, 2003-Nov. 30, 2003)

To end of year estimate(June 30,2003)













































Gas & Elec.









Phone & Fax







Add. Income







Pest control





Phone & Fax




Garbage Disposal




Water & Sewage






Snow Removal









Mis. Receipts





Daisy Ln.





Center & MH's




Ramadan & Eid Progam





















    Memebership share/ ISNA












Activity Expenses






     Ramadan & Eids Program








        (Weekly Ramadan dinners, Eid dinners


      Toys, Imam Exp. & Housing , rentals for 2 Eids)


            Da'wa & Mus. Obs.





School Food Project



            Sunday School










            Muslim Observers &







Parking (Church)



















None of the Zakat Almal Money is used for any of the above expenses.


Disclaimer: Views expressed in this site are those of individuals and not necessarily the express opinion of the Islamic Soc. of Gr Lansing.
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