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Welcome to the Islamic Center - Downloads page
This is an attempt to provide the Islamic Community with the Islamic material and issues of interest/concern to Muslims.
You might need Winzip to extract the files and further to it, you might also need other Microsoft products such as Word, Powerpoint etc. to view the extracted files

Constitution of the Islamic Society of Greater Lansing
The Islamic Center Handbook
A Winzip of the Powerpoint presentation of How to give Dawah - by Br. Naji Al-Farraj
Islamic Will
Monthly Pledge Form
Islamic Society of Gr Lansing Memebrship Application Form
Palestine Information Brochure - Flyer to inform non-Muslims and Muslims about the real situation in Palestine
Positive Parenting Skills - A Seminar presentation by Br. Mohamed Rida Beshir and Dr. Ekram Beshir

Downloadable Forms & Documents - Courtesy ISNA (

Last Will and Testament for Muslims in North America - Independent
LastWill_Independent.pdf (122 K)

Last Will and Testament for Muslims in North America - with Trust
LastWill_with_Trust.pdf (25 K)

Living Trust Documents
Doc4LivingTrust.pdf (20.0 K)

Living Trusts for Muslims in North America
LivingTrust.pdf (165 K)

Durable Power of Attorney
DurablePowerOfAttorney.pdf (48 K)

Health Care Directive
HealthcareDirective.pdf (36 K)

California Warranty Deed
CA_WarrantDeed.pdf (16.2 K)

The Schedule of Mawarith
TheScheduleOfMawarith-May222003.pdf (65 K)

The Calculation of Zakah for Muslims in North America
ZakatCalculater.pdf (109 K)

ISNA Membership Application Form
membership.pdf (35 K)

Disclaimer: Views expressed in this site are those of individuals and not necessarily the express opinion of the Islamic Soc. of Gr Lansing.
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