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Dar Al-Qura'n Al-Majid

Dar-Al-Quran Summer Programs 
Dar-Al-Quran is offering two programs this Summer

One program will be offered two months.

Another is an intensive 2 week camp.

Details below:
Dar- Al-Quran Program 1

Summer program 2015 will begin on June 15 and end August 12


Monday through Wednesday from 2:30 pm to 5 pm


Ages 5 to 12 years, boys and girls

Dar-Al-Quran Program 2

Summer Camp will begin on Aug 17, and end on Aug 27

Monday through Thursday from 5 pm to 7 pm


Ages 6 to 16, Boys and Girls.

Download a registration form for Program 1 (Summer program)

Quran reading, memorization, and an activity class. 

The number of students is limited to 35. Tuition - $100 for the 1st child, $75 for the 2nd child, and $50 for the 3rd child. 

Proof of income must be furnished to avail discounts.

Two-week program for students who can read the Quran and are willing to memorize a least a page a day.

Program capacity: 5 students

Dar-Al-Quran Spring Semester
Apr 18 - Jun 20, 2015
Registration is now open for the Next Semester for Dar-Al-Quran
Payment is due on the first day of class Apr 18, 2015
Class Dates - April 18 to June 20
Class Times - Saturdays 12 pm to 2 pm
Registration forms are available in the office or can be submitted online by clicking here and following up with payment in person later. Or you can download the form by clicking here
Fee is $50 per semester per student. 50% discount for Greater Lansing Islamic School students. 

Our Vision and Mission

Establishing an unbreakable bond between Muslims (especially our young Muslims) and Al-Qura'n.


Ayah [3:79] - The Messenger Muhammad, peace be upon him would say: "Be you Rabbaniyyun -Wise, learned, and forbearing- because you are teaching the Book - Al-Qura'n-, and you are studying it"


  • The students (5 years - up) are accommodated in their classes based on age and recitation ability. The curriculum is designed in a way that covers reading, reasoning, Tajweed and memorization of Al-Qura'n Al-Majid
  • We offer a unique class for learning Arabic language using Al-Qura'n Al-Majid
  • We offer a Qura'n reading class (with no memorization) for the elders on Sundays between Maghrib and Isha prayer

Class start time (strictly enforced)
The student should be in his/her class at 11 am sharp

Contact Information
If you have any questions, please contact us via an email:

Disclaimer: Views expressed in this site are those of individuals and not necessarily the express opinion of the Islamic Soc. of Gr Lansing.
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