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Dar Al-Qura'n Al-Majid

Our Vision and Mission

Establishing an unbreakable bond between Muslims (especially our young Muslims) and Al-Qura'n.


Ayah [3:79] - The Messenger Mohammad peace be upon him would say: "Be you Rabbaniyyun -Wise, learned, and forbearing- because you are teaching the Book - Al-Qura'n-, and you are studying it"

Dar-Al-Quran - Summer Program   
9 week Program starting Tuesday June 17 and ending on Friday August 15
Program goal: Teach children how to read and love the Quran
  Age Ranges, Eligibility 

Girls starting kindergarten in fall 2014 -

girls starting 12th grade in the fall
Boys: Boys starting kindergarten in fall 2014 -
boys starting 7th grade in the fall 

Class Hours: 2:30 pm-5 pm Tuesday-Thursday

Students will have 3 classes to attend each day.
Class 1 - Tafseer.
Class 2 - Reading.
Class 3 - Memorizing or reviewing Quran,
depending on the studentís ability/willpower. 
Cost per Student: $100.00 per month 
Costs for more than 1 Student:

For 2 students from same family:  
1st student: $100 per month 
2nd student: $75 per month

For 3 or more students from same family: 
1st student: $100/month 
2nd student: $75/month 
3rd student and so on: $50/month  
Please call or contact us as soon as possible
if you are interested in registering your child/children.

Due date for registration: Saturday June 14 2014

Click here to download a registration form
Registration forms are available in the Dar Al Quran
office, which is open every Saturday from 12pm - 2pm

Questions: Please contact
Phone: 517.402.7700
Last day of the program: Friday August 15 2014
(includes celebration of studentsí accomplishments)

**If you cannot afford our costs, please contact us providing your income proof.
We encourage our community to sponsor families who cannot afford our costs.

Dar-Al-Quran Spring Semester
April 12 - Jun 28. Registration Deadline March 22
Registration is now open for the Next Semester for Dar-Al-Quran
Registration Deadline: March 22
Tuition Payment Deadline: March 29
Class Dates - April 12th to June 28
Class Times - Saturdays 12 pm to 2 pm
Registration forms are available in the office or can be submitted online by clicking here and following up with payment in person later.
Fee is $50 per semester per student. 50% discount for Greater Lansing Islamic School students. 


  • The students (5 years - up) are accommodated in their classes based on age and recitation ability. The curriculum is designed in a way that covers reading, reasoning, Tajweed and memorization of Al-Qura'n Al-Majid
  • We offer a unique class for learning Arabic language using Al-Qura'n Al-Majid
  • We offer a Qura'n reading class (with no memorization) for the elders on Sundays between Maghrib and Isha prayer

Class start time (strictly enforced)
The student should be in his/her class at 11 am sharp

Contact Information
If you have any questions, please contact us via an email:

Disclaimer: Views expressed in this site are those of individuals and not necessarily the express opinion of the Islamic Soc. of Gr Lansing.
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