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Welcome to Islam

Non-muslims are welcome to the Islamic Center. We can help in introducing Islam and in guiding you to gain Islamic knowledge. We maintain a library which is rich with books, audio and video cassettes. Literature includes topics such as:
  • Islamic beliefs and practices.
  • Social systems in Islam
  • Status of Prophet Jesus(Peace be upon him) in Islam
  • The reference of Prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon Him) in the Bible
  • Numerous other titles are available and can be obtained by making a visit to the library.
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    If you are a non-Muslim considering embracing Islam, you are not alone. Conversion to Islam (or reversion, as many Muslims prefer to call it) has been steadily increasing. You may have discovered Islam on your own or you may have been introduced to Islam by a Muslim spouse, coworker, friend, neighbor, or colleague. We congratulate you on your commitment and remind you of the following quotation from the Quran:

    “There is no compulsion in religion. The right way now stands clearly distinguished from the wrong.” (2:256)
    Embracing Islam is a decision you must make freely, for you alone will be ultimately accountable on the Day of Judgement for your intentions and actions.

    If you decide on your own or with the help of others to become Muslim, the Islamic Center can assist you with declaring the Shahada (Oath of Islam). Inform the office of the Islamic Center of your request by scheduling an appointment. The Islamic Center will assign someone to meet you and explain the basics. You may take the shahada on the spot or at a later appointment.

    The procedure for embracing is simple. You repeat the following words in English (and in Arabic if you wish): "I bear witness that there is no God but Allah and I bear witness that Mohammad is His Messenger."
    If you request, you will be issued a certificate from the Islamic Center confirming that you have taken the Shahada.

    Disclaimer: Views expressed in this site are those of individuals and not necessarily the express opinion of the Islamic Soc. of Gr Lansing.
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