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Community Mental Health

Our mission
To promote mental health awareness and connect people to available community resources in order to improve the mental well being  of our community.

Our goals
  • To get people talking about mental health and promote recovery and healthy community.
  • To develop a clear steps for our community members to address their mental health needs.
  • To normalize combining spiritual healing and  modern treatment approach.
  • To provide safe and supportive environment to those who struggle with mental health and addiction.

Our plans
  • Increase access to community resources in different languages.
  • Provide onsite resources to individuals
  • Provide monthly seminars to educate community about mental illness/substance use.
  • Available mental health professionals for consultation and connection to services.

Why do we think this is important and needed?
  • Understand mental illness as health malady, promoting disease model of depression
  • Promoting mental health versus mental illnesses
  • Imam validating mental health struggles,being as important as physical illness. Imam can also speak to religion's view on mental illness and seeking treatment.

Initiate a community dialogue, Open it for individuals to ask questions or explore resources.

Mental Health Providers in the community:

Name: Dr. Farha Abbasi
Education background: Psychiatrist
Languages: English, Urdu, Sindhi, Punjabi
Current workplace: Michigan State University
Interests: Muslim Mental Health Conference
Name: Ikram Adawe 

A Conversation on Mental Health
6 pm | Thursday, November 30 | Room 111, Berkey Hall, MSU

An engaging talk led by Ikram Adawe, a locally licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor. She has experience working with individuals suffering from depression, anxiety, substance use and trauma.

The event will focus on breaking social barriers and stigmas on Mental Health within the Somali/Muslim community.

Topics that will be discussed will include: Depression/Anxiety, Substance Abuse, Trauma, Social Barriers within the Muslim community 


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