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Parking Options at The Islamic Center

General Parking Rules - Applicable at all times

1. Please do not park on the Streets behind/around the Masjid except by Parking Permit.
2. Drive slowly on the driveways when parking.
3. Please do not Double Park or block the Driveway. Do not park on the Lawn, even partially.
4. Do not leave your car on the Masjid parking lot other than at prayer times. Any car left overnight will be deemed as abandoned and will be ticketed and towed away.
5. Any violation of the above is Subject to East Lansing City Code enforcement.

Parking Rules at the University Lutherans Church

The next door Lutherans Church permits members of the Islamic Center to use their parking facility on Fridays and other special occasions such as Eid. However, they require us to abide by the following rules:
1. Drive slowly inside the Parking Lot
2. Park only on the West and North side of the parking lot. (The South side is reserved for ULC members at all times)
3. Use the south driveway of the church to enter and the north driveway of the church adjacent to the Islamic Center to exit.

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