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In the name of Allah, The Most Beneficent and The Most Merciful
The Islamic Society of Greater Lansing
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Day of Eid - Sunday, June 25
Eid-al-fitr will be celebrated on Sunday, June 25, the 1st of Shawaal, insha Allah.
Prayer Venue : Lansing Center 
Gathering, Takbeer : 9:00 am 
Eid Prayer : 9:30 am

After the Eid prayer and khutba, children can enjoy a carnival on-site insha Allah.

Please give yourself enough time to park and walk up to the prayer area. 
You are encouraged to bring your own prayer rug. We will be praying in Hall A of Lansing Center which is not the carpeted. Corrugated board will be laid to offer some cushioning for worshipers. We encourage you to bring a prayer rug for your own comfort.

Parking on the streets is free as it is Sunday. 
Please bring exact change, $7, to expedite parking at the Lansing Center (Pay on entry). See Parking and directions detail below.

For those who cannot make it to the main prayer at the Lansing Center owing to work, class scheduling conflicts, an Eid Prayer and sermon will be offered at the Islamic Center to help you fulfill your spiritual obligation. The gathering at the Islamic Center is at 6:45 am and the prayer, sermon is at 7:00 am

As the spirit of Eid calls for it to be celebrated with the entire community, we encourage all of you to try and attend the Main Eid prayer at the Lansing Center at 9 am.  

Parking Options at the Lansing Center for Eid Prayer
Option 1 - Free parking
Parking on the streets in downtown is free as it is a Sunday.

Option 2 - Convenient Parking
Pay-on-entry rate at Lansing Center is $7 (lower level).

Option 3 -(ECONOMICAL option)- Parking at the North and South Grand Ramps is flat $7 on Sundays.

A sky walk connects the North Ramp to the Lansing Center.

Turn Right from Michigan Ave on to Grand Avenue to get to the North Grand Ramp

For additional Parking options, visit
Lansing Center Parking Options
Click image for larger view

The Blessing of Being Part of Mid-Michigan
May Allah bless all of you during this Ramadan.  I want the community to know how valued they are in the Mid-Michigan community.  Beyond the Annual Mayor's Ramadan Unity Dinner that will be held this year July 13, 2017, we need to appreciate how much the Mid-Michigan has stood by the Muslim Community in Mid-Michigan.  

Earlier this year when President Donald Trump threatened to impose travel bans that clearly targeted us specifically, various political, community, and religious leaders went to their elected representatives and sent letters to the courts opposing this ban.  Mid-Michigan stood in solidarity with us because they
 knew once one group was targeted by people in power, it is a very small step towards targeting others.  

When the refugee ban was being instituted by the same Administration, the leadership of the All Faiths Alliance for Refugees, which has members that are Evangelical, Lutheran, Catholic, Methodist, Jewish, Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, and others, held a rally at our Islamic Center to signifies that America is a country that welcomes people from around the world to come here to live free and be happy.  

Over the weekend, the groups that represent racism and hate reared their ugly head again when ACT for America tried to hold supposed Anti-Sharia Law rallies across the country and hear in Lansing.  Those same politicians, religious leaders, and community leaders through organizations such as Meta Peace Team, IRRC, and so many others came together to shielded us fro the hateful vitriol of the protesters. 

A counter rally opposing them was at least 10 times larger than ACT for America's rally.  They not only held a rally in South Lansing but held a second rally the same day at the State Capitol called "Wash away the Hate".  

Our non-Muslim neighbors and friends organized neighborhood watches to make sure no one vandalized or harmed their Muslim neighbors homes and businesses.  They provided transportation to and from places to make sure they felt safe.  They created a network that announced to the world that "We are One Community United".  Mayor Virg Bernero stated on local, regional, and national media that Lansing will not tolerate hate toward Muslims.  East Lansing City Councils and Other City Councils passed resolutions to stand for all Americans including the Muslim Community.  Pastor Kit Carlson and other Religious Leaders opened up their places of worship for anyone seeking refuge from our community. Our next door University Lutheran Church has been a bedrock of support to us. 

Senator Gary Peters sent his staff to make sure they knew that elected officials on a national level stood with and by us.  State Rep. Sam Singh and Abdullah Hammoud made proclamations on the house floor of our state government that indicate the importance of the Muslim community to the State of Michigan. 
This is the beauty of the community we live in.  We are blessed by Allah SWT to be here.  We are not alone.  Make sure you take care of your neighbors like they have taken care of us. The traditions of the Prophet Mohammad, peace be upon him, was to makes sure his neighbors were never in need regardless of their faith.  

Be proud you are Muslim.  Be proud you are American.  Let us be an active part of this Mid-Michigan Community.  The lessons of Ramadan go beyond these days that we fast.  People come to love and respect Islam because Muslims act in a way to be vital and essential to the community.  We are part of the American Fabric.  May Allah bless all who make up this great Mid-Michigan community.
Abdalmajid Katranji, MBA MD
Public Relations Coordinator, Islamic Society of Greater Lansing


Media Reports regarding the anti-Muslim rally

Imam Sohail's interview to Michigan Radio

WLNS TV Report on the rally preparedness by the Islamic Center and local Law enforcement

LSJ: March against Islamic law, counter-protest draws a crowd in Lansing 

WLNS TV report on the Wash Away the Hate Rally

Support the July Syria Mission led by Dr. Hend Azhary

Please support SAMS' medical mission to Jordan this coming July, led by Dr. Hend Azhary, by making a contribution. Your donation will directly support volunteers in providing critical medical care for vulnerable Syrian refugees. 

The mission will be focusing on primary health care in addition to performing interventional cardiology, surgical urology procedures, and surgical ophthalmology procedures. 

The team consists of over 60 dedicated medical professionals and translators that range from physical therapists, to pediatricians, to rheumatologists to dentists and more.
SAMS is a non-profit, non-political educational and humanitarian organization which has provided medical and humanitarian relief inside Syria and in surrounding countries since the start of the conflict.

Click here  - or Text JulyMissionJ to 71777

Open to everyone in the Community ages 8 and Up
6 pm, June 22, 2017
Registration deadline June 7

Deadline: June 7, 2017
1st place
2nd place
3rd place
Category 1
Category 2
Category 3
Category 4
Category 5



Ramadan Community Service



Ramadan Kareem !

First day of fasting of Ramadan is  
Saturday, May 27, 2017 

Taraweeh Prayers will commence on Friday, May 26 after Isha Prayer at 10:40 pm.

Ramadan Prayer Schedule 
Eid al-Fitr will be celebrated at the Lansing Center on 
Sunday, June 25, 2017, insha'Allah.

Taraweeh Prayers
Special Nightly prayers - Taraweeh prayers, will be held every night of Ramadan, following the Isha prayer.
The First Taraweeh prayer will be held after the Isha prayer at 10:40 pm on Friday, May 26th

Free Babysitting Service will be offered during the Taraweeh Prayer time every day of the week, for children up to Age 10.

Daily Iftaar...breaking of the fast
Milk, Juice & Dates will be provided daily at the Islamic Center for everyone to break their fast.  
Maghrib prayer will follow 5 minutes after the adhan (call for Prayer)
Dinner will be provided for single brothers and sisters, travelers and visitors to town.

Families are encouraged provide singles dinner Sunday through Thursday by submitting a form by clicking here or emailing to seek a specific date if available, to provide or to have it catered on your behalf.

Community Dinners ....every Friday during Ramadan
All of you in the community and your guests are invited to the community dinners at the Islamic Center on all Fridays of Ramadan.

The dinners are free and will be offered every Friday of Ramadan after Maghrib Prayer - June 2, 9, 16 and 23.

All of your, irrespective of their ethnic groups or countries of origin, are urged to reserve this date and to gather at the Islamic Center on these Fridays to have dinner together and enjoy the blessings of Ramadan, together as a community.

Intensive Qur’an Tafseer by Imam Sohail
Imam Sohail will offer an Intensive Qur’an Tafseer during the month of Ramadan 

Every Friday 7:00-8:30 pm
All Brothers & Sisters are encouraged to attend and benefit from it.

Qiyam during last 10 days of Ramadan
Qiyam (Tahajjud / night vigil) prayers will be prayed in congregation at the Masjid during the last ten days of Ramadan and will commence at the following times

All Brothers and Sisters are invited to attend the prayer at the Islamic Center during the last 9 days of Ramadan ~ June 16-24

Bring a Sahour (meals) for yourself and to share with those attending the Qiyam prayer. 

Itikaf (Spiritual retreat)
The Masjid will be open for anyone who wants to make Itikaf (spiritual retreat) during Ramadan.

Please register at the office to make the Itikaf.

Zakat-ul-Fitr is an obligatory Charity due from every Muslim, both male and female and must be given to the poor and needy people so that they can enjoy the happiness of Eid-ul-Fitr with others.
The head of the household must pay this amount on behalf of his/her own self and on behalf of their spouse, children and any other dependents. 

It is estimated at about $8 to $10.00 per person and must be given during Ramadan - BEFORE the Eid-ul-Fitr prayer.     
Example: If there are 3 members in your family, then your Zakat-ul-Fitr due is 3 x $10 = $30. 
If you are unable to find a recipient for your Zakat, the Islamic Center can find a beneficiary.  A donation box at the Islamic Center has been designated for this purpose. The sooner you fulfill your obligation, the earlier we can distribute the same to the needy and the deserving in order that they can celebrate Eid in a joyful manner along with the rest of us. 

Zakah and the forgotten Islamic obligation towards prisoners
Write A Brief Letter
Our Prophet, peace be upon him said: "Feed the hungry, visit the sick, and free the prisoner." And he said: "It is upon the Muslim faithful to free their prisoners and to pay their ransom."  
While it may not be possible to provide food directly for the captives, we can and should exert the utmost effort to ensure they receive justice and that they are neither forgotten nor abandoned. We can do so by writing a simple letter in just a few words. 

  • Please stop by the Islamic Center Office to pick up a labelled, stamped envelope.
  • Write a brief letter wishing those who are incarcerated that their fasts and prayers be accepted and that as fellow brothers and sisters, we care and pray to Allah for them.

Parking Options at the Lansing Center for Eid Prayer
Option 1 - Free parking
Parking on the streets in downtown is free as it is a Sunday.

Option 2 - Convenient Parking - $7
Pay-on-entry rate at Lansing Center is $7 (lower level).

Option 3 -(Other option - $7)- Parking at the North and South Grand Ramps is $7 flat on Sundays.

A sky walk connects the North Ramp to the Lansing Center.

Turn Right from Michigan Ave on to Grand Avenue to get to the North Grand Ramp

For additional Parking options, visit
Lansing Center Parking Options
Click image for larger view

Directions to Lansing Center for Eid Prayer
If coming from I-496
1 - From I-496 take the Cedar/Larch & Pennsylvania exit.
2 - Exit right onto Larch Street (North).
3 - Go north on Larch and then turn left on Shiawassee (go one block)
4 - From Shiawassee, Turn left on to Cedar
5 - Shift as quickly as possible to the right most lane.
6 - Turn right (The Lansing City Market will be on your right) onto City Market Drive.
7 - Follow signs for Lansing Center parking beneath and behind the Lansing Center.

If coming from Saginaw Road
1a - If coming from the East on Saginaw Rd, Turn Left on to Cedar
1b - If coming from the West on Saginaw Rd, Turn Right on to Cedar
2 - Shift to the right most lane.
3 - Turn right onto City Market Drive.
(just after crossing Shiawasee St. The Lansing City Market will be on your right)
4 - Follow signs for Lansing Center parking

 S Cedar St, Lansing, MI To City Market Dr,
Click Image for larger View

Michigan Ave to Museum Dr
Click Image for larger View

Ramadan Health Guide Health and Spirituality Guide.pdf

Ramadan Tips for Employers
Ramadan this year takes place from June 18 to July 16 with Eid ul-Fitr, the celebration at the end of the holy month, on July 17. During Ramadan, Muslims fast from dawn to dusk and pay particular attention to spiritual matters.

Please consider special requests for annual or unpaid leave for employees who make seek time off to spend for spending it in spirituality.

Consider flexible working or changing shift rotas to accommodate breaking the fast.

Consider allowing extra time off to pray, especially at sunset.

Encourage gestures such as sending Eid cards.

Consider deferring social events during major religious festivals so Muslims don't feel excluded.

Consider allowing meal breaks at different times, for example lunch breaks at dusk to coincide with breaking the fast - and extending these to non-Muslim employees to encourage integration.

Consider training staff on different religious events.

Employers do not have to allow time off or changes to the usual routine if it would adversely affect the business. However it is good practice to do so wherever possible and helps to generate goodwill. Accommodating religious practices does not mean allowing extra time off, but rather being flexible about employees' existing holiday entitlement or break periods.

Most employers are aware that discrimination on grounds of religion is against the law - but they should also ask themselves whether they are guilty of indirect discrimination. For example, always scheduling important meetings for dusk when Muslims are due to break their fast could fall into this category.

Renting of the Banquet Hall for Private Party's 
The Islamic Center Gymnasium is a multi-use facility that serves as a Banquet Hall, Conference, Expo and Sport Facility. 
You may rent it for private party's, dinners, ifthars.
One may choose from one of the following rental options:
Option A - $450 
Option B - $300 
  • Rental of the Facility
  • Tables and chairs setup beforehand ready for seating 225 guests. 
  • Milk and dates for all your guests (during the month of Ramadan only)
  • Full service to setup tables and chairs before the dinner, putting away chairs and tables away after use, cleaning facility after use, recycling, disposal.
  • Styrofoam 10.25" round 3 partition Plates, 8 oz Styrofoam Cups, Plastic Spoons and Forks, White Plastic Table covers, Napkins
  • Styrofoam 6" Plates, 12 oz Bowls
  • Chafing Dishes (10 food warmers, fuel, service included)
  • Serving Spoons
  • Chilled, One Gallon Water Jars with handle (as many as needed)
  • Three - 40 to 50 Cup Tea/Coffee Urns, including all beverage supplies and condiments 
  • One Full Service person to assist 
  • Rental of the Facility
  • Tables and chairs setup beforehand ready for seating 200 guests
  • Milk and dates for all your guests (during the month of Ramadan only)
  • Full service to setup tables and chairs before the dinner, putting away chairs and tables away after use, cleaning facility after use, recycling, disposal.
  • Styrofoam 10.25" round 3 partition Plates, 8 oz Styrofoam Cups, Plastic Spoons and Forks, White Plastic Table covers, Napkins

Additional amenities are available and will be an add-on to the cost of the basic package:

$25 - Use of kitchen for warming food
$25 - Partition
$50 more for every additional 25 guests
$100 - 175 White Elegant Chair covers
$200 - Use of kitchen to cook on same day

More custom options such as floral arrangements are available at nominal costs should you be interested. eMail if you have any questions.

We recycle everything as we strive to be a zero-trash facility. Styrofoam, Plastic, Foodwaste, everything is recycled and must be disposed separately after use.
Styrofoam plates and cups will need to be stacked after use.
Foodwaste and tissue paper is collected in small bins and sent for vermi-composting. 

Surcharges that may apply
As we recycle, we encourage you to use Gallon jars and 2 liter pop instead of individual cans/ water bottles. If guests bring individual water/pop bottles then additional labor will need to be employed to dispose liquids and recycle and thus a surcharge of $25 will apply. 

To check availability of the hall to host your party, please email

All the following supplies are included in Option A
Styrofoam 10.25" round 3 partition Plates
8 oz Styrofoam Cups
Plastic Spoons
Plastic Forks
White Plastic Table covers
Styrofoam 6" Plates
Styrofoam 12 oz Bowls
Chafing Dishes (8 food warmers, fuel, service included)
Serving Spoons
Chilled, One Gallon Water Jars with handle (as many as needed)
Three - 40 to 50 Cup Tea/Coffee Urns, including all beverage supplies and condiments

GLIS SUMMER CAMP 2017 | June 19 - August 11
Open to all children in the community ages 3 to 12 years
Stop by the school to register. 
Contact or call 517.332.3700



Greater Lansing 
Islamic School

Registration Open 
for 2017-18
GLIS is your Islamic Community School and is open for 
enrollment for the upcoming academic year 2017-18
GLIS is a fully accredited school and prides itself in producing students that attain competitive scores in standardized tests.

All of the core faculty have degrees in higher education and are state certified. Arabic, Islamic Education and Qur'an teachers are highly experienced. Students study Arabic, Qur'an and Islamic Studies daily in addition to  Public School Curriculum. 

GLIS offers an after school tutoring program for additional help, participated in Odyssey of the MIND this year, has an excellent advanced reading club and is accredited by AdvancED, NCA CASI which promotes continuous improvement.

If you want to ensure that you child receives a basic foundation in Islamic education, GLIS is here to help you realize your goal. 
All the forms are available here -
or you may click on the individual links here:

Click here to download a copy of the Prospectus of the Greater Lansing Islamic School


Refugee Support Initiatives

As you may be aware, the cities of Lansing and East Lansing had declared themselves as welcoming cities to refugees. Many have been settled in Greater Lansing and many more are expected to arrive. It is incumbent upon us as responsible citizens and as believers to do our share to support the refugees.

The Executive Committee of the Islamic Society of Greater Lansing is coordinating the support of these refugees.

A special picnic has been organized in their honor on Friday September 17, from 3 pm to 7 pm. See more details below including directions to the venue.

In his khutba this coming Friday, September 9, Imam Sohail will talk about our spiritual and moral obligation to support these refugees and share information about these support measures.

We are seeking dedicated individuals to sign-up to engage these refugees families. It could be as little as one hour per week or as many hours as you may wish to server. We are trying to form a team that can greet them and spend some time with them and provide them much needed social support.

You may sign-up by clicking here:


Ramadan and Eid Dates through 2021  
To help you plan your Eid celebrations, Hajj with your families  
This is to inform you of the key dates well into the future so that you can plan in advance to take time off to celebrate Eid with your families near and far, and so that you can make intentions and plan to perform Hajj in future, insha Allah.
This notice also explains the Islamic Center of East Lansing's policy in determining and observing these important dates.  

1st day of
2017 Sat, May 27 Sun, June 25
Lansing Center
Fri, Sept. 1
Lansing Center
2018 Wed, May 16 Fri, June 15
Lansing Center
Tue, August 21
Lansing Center
2019 Mon, May 6 Tue, June 4
Lansing Center
Sun, August 11
Lansing Center
2020  Fri, April 24 Sun, May 24
Lansing Center
Fri, July 31
Lansing Center
2021  Tue, April 13 Thu, May 13
Lansing Center
Tue, July 20
Lansing Center
* All dates are not final, but very likely based on astronomical calculations. 
Dates will be declared as final on the announcement page as soon as ISNA announces them

Islamic Center's Policy in determining these dates:
The Islamic Center of East Lansing follows the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) in determining the 1st day of Ramadan as well as the day for both the Eid festival days.
ISNA in turn is guided by the Fiqh Council of North America (FCNA) in determining these dates.

1. For Ramadan and Eid-Al-Fitr, the FCNA uses astronomical calculations to determine the date.
2. For Eid-Al-Adha, the FCNA follows announcement by the Hajj authorities in Makkah and celebrate Eid-Al-Adha after the day of Arafah observed by the Hajj pilgrims
Eid Prayer Venue:
Based on the size of our congregation and several other factors such as parking, convenience, familiarity of venue and the community's feedback from a survey, Lansing Center in Downtown Lansing has been determined as the venue for our EId prayer and celebrations.

Lansing Center has been reserved as the venue for Eid prayers for the next 9 years for all but three of the dates listed in the table above.

Lansing Center Reservation Policy:
Contract with Lansing Center can be signed only 9 months before the date of use.
Until the contract is signed, a multi-day event can take precedence over our half day reservation.
As soon as we get into a 9 month window of the above dates, Lansing Center will issue the contract to the Islamic Center and the venue will be 'confirmed' for the Islamic Center.
Until the contract is signed, the Islamic Center reservation will be treated as a 'hold, pending confirmation'.

Why Eid Prayers are not held at the Islamic Center?
The Islamic Center is not an ideal venue for holding Eid prayers for the following reasons:
1. There is not enough room for the large number of prayer attendees. It is hazardous to have so many attendees inside the Islamic Center at one time from a safety standpoint
2. There isn't enough parking in the Islamic Center for all. While the University Lutheran Church has been generous allowing us to use their parking lot, it inconveniences their morning attendees.
3. Parking on the side streets of the Islamic Center in the neighborhood is not permissible per city of East Lansing code. Moreover, the traffic disturbs tranquility of the neighborhood. 

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"And continue to remind, for surely the reminder profits the believers. " (verse 55 of Surah # 51: ADH-DHARIYAT)

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Talking Points on Anti-Muslim Backlash

Please keep yourself informed on the talking points mentioned in the link below on how to counter the Anti-Muslim sentiment that is sweeping the nation.

Disclaimer: Views expressed in this site are those of individuals and not necessarily the express opinion of the Islamic Soc. of Gr Lansing.

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