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The Islamic Society of Greater Lansing
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The Islamic Society of Greater Lansing is a non-profit association that represents the Muslims in the Greater Lansing area. The association practices and conducts religious, social, cultural, and educational activities at the Islamic Center of East Lansing.

Towards that goal, the Islamic Center holds congregational prayers, teaching circles, educational programs, and social activities. At the same time, the Islamic Center provides Muslims and non-Muslims with advice and information about Islam. All activities and services of the Center are conducted according to the teachings of Islam, as determined by the Quran, and the Sunna (tradition) of Prophet Mohammad (May the blessings and peace of Allah be upon him).

The Islamic Society of Greater Lansing (ISGL) is an affiliate of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA).

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(517) 351-4309

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(517) 337-0389


(517) 351-4309

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The Islamic Society of Greater Lansing

920 S Harrison
East Lansing, MI 48823

The Islamic Center of Lansing is located in East Lansing, next to the Michigan State University campus. Some landmarks close to the Islamic center are the Kellogg center, the Spartan stadium and the Train Station etc.

Click here if you need more help with the Map and directions.

The Islamic Center offers the following services for the benefit of the community:
  1. Fax Service:The Fax # is : 517 351 4309 for both domestic and international transmittals.
  2. Halal Food and other Grocery:Halal meat, chicken and other groceries are available at the Islamic Center kitchen. Proceeds from the sale goes to help the Islamic Center. To place a custom/advance order, contact Br. Jamal Malek at
  3. LibraryThe Library at the Islamic Center offers a wide range of books and audio-visual material on Islam and Muslims. Books can be self-checked out by making an entry in the register.
For more information, contact the Islamic Center Office or send an email to

The Islamic Center periodically sends out email updates of announcements and events.
If you would like to receive such email alerts, send an email to
or enter your email in the box on the right

Greater Lansing Muslisms own burial plots at the MT. Hope Cemetery (corner of Aurelius and Mt. Hope). The Muslims portion in the Cemetery is on the Right corner of the main entrance on MT. Hope Cemetery (the South west corner of the cemetery) we own 77 spots and we have used about 25 spots so far. The Islamic Center DOES NOT charge any money for a burial spot, but we encourage donations to the center. The Funeral home fees is required for preparation the deceased, and these fees need to be directly to the funeral home. In the past, we have dealt with Estes Leadly Funeral Home (Downtown branch).

The Islamic Center maintains a mailing list which serves as a communication medium for the Greater Lansing Muslim community. Insha Allah, the focus of this list will be to discuss issues related to our Islamic Center, the full-time Islamic School, our knowledge in Islam and Dawa'h. Your views and suggestions will be automatically forwarded to the subscribers of this list unedited. Initial postings are moderated to ensure it passes the Islamic filter.
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P.S. - Unlike the mailing list, this is a discussion group where anyone may post anything.
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Find where and who to contact if you are looking for an Islamic Center or designated Muslim contacts outside Lansing

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